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    single taken training shirt

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    single taken training shirt

    Description Ceramics mug with two-sided print and handle Shows a queen and her 3 almost-dragons Few things will come in quite as handy as three dragons when you are trying to single taken training shirt your kingdom that has been stolen from your family.

    These mighty creatures do not only look menacing and can breathe fire, you will also be able to fly them into battle if you spend enough time gaining their trust and training them. By the looks of it, the fearless queen on the Mother of Dragons Mug has to wait before she will be able to unleash her beasts upon her enemies.

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    After all, her three dragons are stills mall and look rather cuddly instead of frightening. Wait a second, three dragons?

    single taken training shirt

    Ok, we got the blue dragon that looks like it's from the Far East, the orange lizard that looks like a European dragon and Well, legend has it that with enough care and experience, this useless lump of scales will transform into a giant sea serpent This cuddly mug was designed by the talented Ghinko. You can check out her artwork on Facebook and Instagram.

    single taken training shirt

    And yes, we are aware of the single taken training shirt that technically only one of the three creatures is a dragon