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    Bells Bells for Ricco Kühn horns are made either from one blank and hammered by hand or they are made by a spinning process on mandrels of our own design.

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    Bells made from a single blank are more expensive and require a great deal of experience. The material can be thinner and the whole bell is usually harder than their spun counterparts, depending on the manufacturing technique.

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    When the same metal and bell size is used, horns with hand hammered bells single horn sound a somewhat lighter response, are reacting more sensitive and admittedly, sound somewhat brighter in ff.

    Horns with spun bells have a somewhat higher but at the same time agreeable resistance, the sound is fuller and in ff firmer.

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    Both manufacturing methods have their advantages depending on model and bell size. On some models, it is possible to supply bells with a gusset inserted. This even more expensive technology enables the single horn sound of hand-hammered bells that are almost the same thickness right up to the rim.

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    This means it is possible to make single horn sound with very thin walls and yet still retain sound stability in ff. We have three sizes of horn bells, which we make in different thicknesses and designs depending on the model.

    In difference to our latest ML bell the cut of the M bell is single horn sound bit narrower in the shank and the bell is not as curved as the ML bell.

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    The size and the design of the bell corresponds with the current state of knowledge. Being a bit similar to a large Vienna horn the ML bell is a single horn sound design with regard to response, kind of playing and carrying sound.

    With a lip-friendly kind of playing you will achieve an easy blowing over the complete partnervermittlung online vergleich but also safety when playing difficult parts.

    The sound fits in nearly every situation so it is possible to use the ML universally.

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    The ML bell offers most of our bell variants. The standard are 2 spun bells of various thickness, and some special bells like hand hammered with a visible seam, one with a garland or one piece bells with a gusset.

    The design corresponds with a large Vienna form or later bohemian models.

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    In difference to U. L size bells, this bell has a larger shank and the flare is build slimmer.

    John Thirkell und Gary Barnacle. Detaillierte Beschreibung in englischer Sprache: The riffs are all performed by various combinations of these instruments and this comprehensive sample library provides an in-depth study of the range and versatility of the contemporary brass section.

    Particularly the sound in lower and middle range is fantastic. Technische Details.

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