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Backnang—Ludwigsburg line[ edit ] The line starts in the heights above the Murr at Backnang station.

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While the Kroatische kennenlernen Railway runs to the southwest and, after separating from the Little Murr line to Ludwigsburg under the B 14 highwayleaves the Murr valley, swinging south towards Waiblingen.

The Little Murr line follows the twisting valley of the Murr to Kirchberg.

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After crossing the m long Neckar Viaduct over a loop of the Neckar it reaches Benningen. From Freiberg the line is now double-track.

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The line passes through Favoritepark and single backnang the B 27 highway to reach Ludwigsburg station. The line runs over a flying junction over the tracks of the Single backnang line and ends at Ludwigsburg's S-Bahn platforms. Freiberg Bietigheim—Bissingen line[ edit ] The now abandoned northern route of the Little Murr railway ran from Freiberg further to the west. These cuttings were single backnang the time of its construction the deepest of their kind in Württemberg.

After crossing the line from Stuttgart, the Little Murr line ended on the west side of Bietigheim station. History[ edit ] Background and Planning[ edit ] After the opening of the Württemberg railway lines in the internal expansion of the s see History of railways in Württembergthe cities of StuttgartHeilbronnCrailsheim and Aalen single backnang connected by a railway that spanned the northern part of the country.

Inthe first east—west route through Württemberg was completed as the Western and Eastern Railways.

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Additional connections to Bavaria were added with the Rems Railway in and the Kocher Railway to Crailsheim inwhich was connected to the Bavarian railways in To improve links through the area spanned by the square of lines that had been opened, a line single backnang proposed from Waiblingen on the Rems Railway to Schwäbisch Hall on single backnang Kocher Railway.

Together with the Gäu Railwaythis would create a northeast—southwest line through Württemberg, running through Stuttgart.

The Backnang—Bietigheim line came to have a high strategic importance as a through route. The plan was welcomed in single backnang petitions from the communities on the route, but the town of Marbach in and called for a railway connection from Marbach to Bietigheim or Ludwigsburg.

After the Franco-Prussian War of and the subsequent Unification of Germanyconstruction of the Backnang-Bietigheim line was sought by the national government for military-strategic reasons.

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In Bietigheim a connection had previously been planned north of the station, which would have meant that trains running in an east—west direction would have had to reverse in the station. To allow troops to be speedily transported in the east—west direction from northern Bavaria to the French border, the plans were adjusted so that the line ran in a curve from the south to reach Bietigheim station via an underpass under the railway from Single backnang. Since the entrance building was built on an island between the tracks of the Northern and Western Railwaya complete renovation of Bietigheim station was considered.

Freiberg station Jan Locomotive 11 of the GES with a museum train in Marbach June Steam single backnang train between Freiberg am Neckar and Benningen, Maintenance of old embankment on abandoned Freiberg—Bietigheim line in Freiberg Road bridge over the former route in Bietigheim-Bissinger Wilhelmshof April With the impending agreement to build the Kraichgau Railway between Eppingen and HeilbronnWürttemberg was faced with an unfavourable situation in that the Kraichgau and the Kocher Railway were emerging as a new transport corridor between the Rhine and Bavaria, with only a relatively short section through Württemberg.

The planned Murr Valley Railway would be competitive with this route if an additional northern bypass was single männer potsdam around single backnang highly congested Stuttgart stationconnecting the Murr and the Western Railways.

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An alternative bypass single backnang with access to the Western Railway would have been the Untertürkheim—Kornwestheim freight bypasswhich had not yet been built; it was planned from and opened in Construction of the Murr Valley Railway from Hall to Backnang with the two branches to Waiblingen and to Bietigheim were authorised under an order of 22 March A few months later, on 29 Decemberthe Württemberg and Baden governments signed an agreement for the construction of the Kraichgau Railway to Heilbronn.

Construction of the Backnang—Bietigheim line[ edit ] An order of 19 June released funds that enabled the construction of the Backnang—Bietigheim line to begin.

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Construction camps were established in Backnang, Marbach and Bietigheim and single backnang construction headquarters was established in Marbach. The entire route was built as a single-track main line, but the line was prepared for eventual duplication.

During the construction of the line there were some significant problems: cuttings of up to 13 m deep—the deepest in Württemberg—were needed through glacial moraine between Beihingen-Heutingsheim and Bietigheim.

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The single backnang was highly saturated and was subject to water seepage and landslides. Three fountains were built to dispose of the water and were used to supply Bietigheim station. Some animal remains ablated by Ice Age glaciation was found in the excavated earth. The most complex structure in the stretch was the Neckar Viaduct at Marbach, which was built as a five-span steel truss bridge with a total length of singlereisen donau. Trains began running on the Backnang—Bietigheim line on 8 December The rebuilding of Bietigheim station made it the second largest in Württemberg.

The Murr Valley Railway was completed on 5 Mayso this new east—west axis was open before the completion of the Kraichgau Railway on 7 August Construction of the Beihingen Heutingsheim-Ludwigsburg line[ edit ] The construction of the Beihingen—Heutingsheim—Ludwigsburg branch line was authorised inbut construction was delayed first due to Württemberg's difficult financial situation, increasing wages for construction workers as a result of skill shortages and the lack of profitability of the Württemberg Railways.

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An order of 25 August made available the necessary funds, which could also be used for a partial reconstruction of Ludwigsburg station. The only station on the line is at Favoritepark halt.

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The single track railway was opened on 15 October and the reconstruction of Ludwigsburg station was completed in Further development[ edit ] Although the Ludwigsburg line was opened later, its role grew significantly in the following years: inthe opening of the Bottwar Valley Railway Bottwartalbahn produced passenger traffic from the Bottwar Valley to Stuttgart and in the opening of the marshalling yard in Kornwestheim meant that freight traffic ran on the Franconia —Hessental—Backnang—Kornwestheim route.

After Deutsche Reichsbahn took over the facilities of the Royal Württemberg State Railways inthe original constrained stations at Backnang, BurgstallMarbach and Ludwigsburg were expanded. This was accompanied by the duplication of the Favoritepark—Ludwigsburg line.

Due to its strategic importance as an east—west axis, the line was the repeated target of Allied air attacks at the end of the Second World War. On a Sunday morning in the spring ofa freight train running towards Bietigheim through Beihingen now part of Freiberg am Neckar was covered with bombs by a fighter-bomber and destroyed. The deep cuttings near Bietigheim were also badly damaged by bombs. On 20 April all railway and road bridges over the Neckar and the Neckar canal were destroyed by retreating German troops.

Single backnang addition, on 20 April German troops blew up the bridge over the Reichsautobahn now the A 81 autobahn. The Single backnang Viaduct at Single backnang was repaired and reopened in Deutsche Bundesbahn occasionally considered the reconstruction of travis garland dating aubrey oday Freiberg—Bietigheim line, but decided against it because of low traffic forecasts, caused particularly by the shift of the primary traffic flow from east—west to north—south.

After the route had previously been partially dismantled, it was formally closed on 15 January The formation of the town of Freiberg am Neckar from the communities of Beihingen, Heutingsheim and Geisingen led to Beihingen-Heutingsheim station being renamed Freiberg Neckar on 1 June Electrification and integration into the S-Bahn network[ edit ] Two years after operations commenced on Stuttgart S-Bahn lines S1, S5 and S6 inthe Backnang—Ludwigsburg line experienced a significant upswing with the extension of the S-Bahn line on 27 September Since then, line S4 services single backnang operated between Ludwigsburg and Marbach.

Extensive construction work was required ahead of the introduction of regular-interval timetables. The Neckar Viaduct at Marbach was replaced by a modern bridge, part of the Benningen—Favoritepark section was duplicated, a flying junction was built in Ludwigsburg and the section was electrified.

Passenger services between Marbach and Backnang continued to be operated with diesel-hauled trains.

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With the financial support of the state of Baden-Württemberg, which provided half of the cost, electrification of the remaining section of the Backnang—Ludwigsburg line and the Murr line between Backnang and Crailsheim began on 12 September After the completion of the work it on 2 Juneit was possible for electrically hauled freight trains to run directly from Kornwestheim marshalling yard to Nuremberg. Compared to the existing route via the Schuster Railway to Untertürkheim yard, where trains had to reverse with the locomotive running around in order to continue on the Rems line, the new route accelerated freight trains by 35 minutes.

To create this S-Bahn ring, the Freiberg—Benningen section needed to be duplicated. This work began in December This allowed the S-Bahn extension to open on 8 December To a much lesser extent there were also long-distance passenger services on the east—west route: for example, in the summer timetable an single backnang train D-Zug, a fast and luxurious express using carriages with compartments and single backnang a corridor ran from Cheb then a largely Single backnang speaking city called Eger to Bietigheim with some of its coaches running from Nuremberg to Paris and a fast train S-Zug, slower and less luxurious than a D-Zug and using carriages with compartments but having no corridor from Hof to Bietigheim, with through coaches from Nuremberg to Luxembourg and Trier.

These trains use this line to bypass Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof. Froman express service ran for two years on this line between Nuremberg and Strasbourg with through coaches from Prague to Paris.

Until the early s, passenger trains were hauled by steam locomotives of class After the single backnang out of these locomotives they were replaced by Einheitsdampflokomotive "standard steam locomotives" of class flirten themen and 86 based in Stuttgart until the mids.

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These were replaced by class diesel locomotives based at Kornwestheim. The original minute interval service was increased to a minute interval single backnang in The S-Bahn service uses class electric multiple units. Until 8 Decemberservices on the eastern section Regionalbahn ran from Marbach to Backnang during peak hours at minute interval and hourly at other times.

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On Saturdays Regionalbahn trains ran hourly. These used a class BR electric multiple unit. The additional service in the peaks used a class BR On Sundays the places between Marbach and Backnang were served only by bus. Since 8 Single backnang line S 4 has served the whole route on weekdays until 8 pm at minute intervals. After 8 pm and on weekends, it operates hourly. Since the electrification of the route infreight services have also run between Kornwestheim and Nuremberg and it is now not necessary for electrically-hauled freight trains to run via the Schuster line and reverse in Untertürkheim yard.