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Nur einige Pflanzen können in dem sauren, nassen und nährstoffarmen Milieu leben. Die wichtigsten sind die Torfmoose der "Bulte" links und der nassen "Schlenken" darunter. Oben wachsen u. Zwergsträucher wie die Glockenheide rechts. Rain and wind bring few nutrients into a raised mire.

According to a report issued by Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, a patrol of the joint crime combating Operation Kalahari Desert accosted a suspect who attempted to tender the falsified money at a bar in Mondesa. While conducting foot patrols at different crime prone areas in Mondesa and Swakopmond and for purposes rain single spot police visibility, officers recovered several stolen items.

rain single spot

Several dangerous weapons like Okapi knives were also confiscated and four persons were detained for drunk and disorderly conduct in public.

According to Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu the detention of people who are drunk rain single spot disorderly in public prevents street fights and instances of domestic violence. He warned that people caught with counterfeit notes will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

rain single spot

Pictured: Members of Operation Kalahari Desert on patrol and the knives that was confiscated from people on the street during stop and search activities by the joint crime combating force.

With news from Angola that the flood gates at the Matala Dam in the Huila Province near Lubango are fully opened, an even stronger flood is expected to rush down the Kunene River that will reach Namibia soon.

The sluices at the Calueque Dam just north of Mahenene are also full open and the flood water is overflowing the bridge below the dam which makes travel between northern Namibia and southern Rain single spot difficult.

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Residents of the area has not seent the Kunene river flowing this strongly since The rate of flow of the river at the weir dam above the Ruacana Falls is estimated to be between 2 and 2 cubic metres per second where on Thursday the official rate stood at 1 cubic metres per second.

Some of the people who resides in Ruacana and further down the river speculated that this is the highest water level in the river over the past 40 years. Plumes of water vapour that can be seen from quite a distance away, has sprung up over the Ruacana Falls and the Epupa Falls further rain single spot the river.

At Foz de Cunene the water volume has increased significantly as a result of the flood and the river is flowing strongly into the Atlantic Ocean.

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The entire width of the river mouth is engulfed by the torrent. Video: The Kunene River is in full flood from the mouth to where it originates in Angola. The large volume of water has reached the river mouth and along the way many river camps and lodges have been inundated.

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It is reported from Angola that an even stronger flow is expected because of flood gates that have been opened in various dams nearer to the source of the river. Omusati Regional Community Affairs Commander, Inspector Lineekela Shikongo, confirmed the death of Sem and said the incident occurred on Saturday morning at around 07h Inspector Rain single spot said that the deceased was last seen by his neighbours at around 06h30 on Saturday while he was entering homestead.

The neighbours ran over to the house to help however, upon their arrival at the scene the deceased person was already dead and the hut was burned to the ground," he said.

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The deceased is said to have been staying alone in the house at the time of his death. Inspector Shikongo noted that the cause of the fire is not yet established and that the police is still investigating the matter. Picture for illustrative purposes only Mehr anzeigen.