A suspended cradle providing pure relaxation

Hammock single ring suspension

Your little ones can lay safe and sound on the specially woven net made of specifically chosen eco-cotton.

The set complete with rotating swivel, height adjustment and rope bag is a fantastic aid in care for children under 3 years of age in nurseries as well as at home. Safe and soothing: recommended by experienced doctors and midwives Gentle swaying in an ergonomic position even calms babies that find it hard to settle Can be used for newborns, but also for children with disabilities Non-toxic cotton and untreated wood reduce the risk of allergies Approved safety tested by TÜV Süd Gently sway off to dreamland with the baby hammock The baby hammock is the smallest version of the popular Traumschwinger hammock that provides a safe place to lay your newborn.

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The hammock is ideal for use in childcare centres as well as at home and can also be used for small children with disabilities. Hammock single ring suspension to the single-point suspension, the hammock can gentle sway in a variety of motions: like a pendulum, in a circle, or like a spiral.

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This weightless swaying even calms babies hammock single ring suspension find it hard to settle and leads them into a relaxing sleep. Thanks to the simple angle adjustment, the baby hammock can be used for laying or sitting and single über 40 partnersuche height adjustment allows it to be adapted t fit any room.

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Of course, this branded product only uses the best for your baby. As such the bars are made of PEFC-certified, untreated wood and the knotless net is made of specifically chosen, non-toxic, cotton from controlled organic cultivation.

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These natural materials work to reduce the risk of allergies.