Gemma burgess dating detox

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Dating is a dangerous sport. So after her sixth successive failed relationship, romantically-challenged something Sass decides she's had enough.

The Dating Detox is born. No men, no break-ups, no problem.

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The result? Chastity rocks. No wonder nuns are always singing.

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Everything falls at her feet. Especially men. Will Sass break the rules?

Gemma burgess dating detox

Why does fate keep throwing her in the path of the irritatingly amusing - and gorgeous - Jake? Will she ever roll the dice and gemma burgess dating detox again?

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Or is a love-free life too good to risk losing? For the post-Carrie Bradshaw, post-Bridget Jones, post-credit crunch generation of singles, life isn't beautiful, a bitch, or a beach.

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It's a party. Kostenlose Lieferung innerhalb Schweiz.

The Dating Detox Zusammenfassung

Jedes gebrauchte Buch, das Sie kaufen, bewahren Sie davor, einfach entsorgt zu werden. Perfect to read while you're detoxing in January! She started working as an advertising copywriter, and applied herself more wholeheartedly to having a good time. Eight years later gemma burgess dating detox decided to distil some of her experiences into Gemma burgess dating detox Dating Detox: the book for women with confidence, wit and style but absolutely no clue whatsoever how to know the real thing when they see it.

Love, that is. Zusätzliche Informationen.