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Updated version: february 1. Deviating terms and conditions of a contracting party shall not be recognized and shall be deemed to be rejected, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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A contract is not concluded until the company Systemschmiede confirms an order of the customer in writing or by e-mail. The same applies to additions, amendments or side agreements.

Systemschmiede reserves the right to confirm a contract conclusion by means of an invoice. The customer is bound to his order for four weeks. Verbal ancillary agreements or verbal agreements on the amendment of the contract shall be confirmed in writing seiten für kennenlernen the company Systemschmiede.

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The geilenkirchen singles applies in the case of other long-term liabilities. Checks and bills of any kind are accepted on account of performance only. All payments will be charged in principle to the oldest debt, irrespective of any other provisions of the buyer. If the costs of the operation and interest are already incurred, the payment is initially charged to the costs, then to the interest and finally to the main claim. The customer is only entitled to offset, retain or reduce if the counterclaims have been legally established or are undisputed.

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Part deliveries and partial services may be invoiced separately. If the customer fails to meet geilenkirchen singles payment obligations, ceases his payments, or single wohnung alsdorf a bank fails to pay a check, Systemschmiede is entitled to immediately withdraw geilenkirchen singles the contract without prior notice.

In these cases, without any special requirements, all accounts receivable from the Systemschmiede are immediately due in one amount against the customer.

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The same shall apply if other circumstances become known to the company Systemschmiede which call into question the creditworthiness of the customer.

The customer bears the entire collection, court and enforcement costs. Systemschmiede remains the right to resign its claims.

Systemschmiede reserves the right to adjust to the respective market conditions before the aforementioned prices. For contracts concluded, the prices in the General Terms and Conditions, which existed at the time the contract was concluded, apply. If attempts to remedy the defect are finally geilenkirchen singles, the customer may, at his option, demand conversion or reduction.

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Claims for damages shall only exist if the Systemschmiede is subject to intent or gross negligence. In geilenkirchen singles event of the occurrence of damage caused by the defectiveness of such a product, the Systemschmiede company shall assign its claims for damages to the customer.

The customer has to examine the work performance immediately after completion for obvious defects. Repair and geilenkirchen singles The service is delivered at the choice of the Systemschmiede at the place of installation of the geilenkirchen singles or in geilenkirchen singles workshop of the Systemschmiede.

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The valid price list printed in the General Terms and Conditions applies to our services. The costs for a cost estimate shall be reimbursed separately, unless otherwise agreed. Troubleshooting is working time. The longer the error search continues, the higher the invoice amount of the costs stated under 4.

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This shall also apply if an error correction can not be made, insofar as this is due to a circumstance which geilenkirchen singles not the responsibility of Systemschmiede. The customer undertakes to support the company Systemschmiede in carrying out the geilenkirchen singles agreed services to the best of its knowledge and belief. Any claims against Systemschmiede, irrespective of the legal basis, are excluded, unless Systemschmiede is proven intentional single urlaub august 2019 gross negligence.

This also applies to secondary damage. For damage or loss of objects to be repaired or overtaken in the performance of the services, the company Systemschmiede is liable, if these are based on gross negligence or intent. In this case, the company Systemschmiede will, at its own discretion, make repairs, replacement or compensation in cash.

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The compensation claim is in any case limited to the fair value of the item. Any further claims are excluded.

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If the object of the order is not collected within 14 days after notification to the customer, the customer has to pay an appropriate storage fee according to the geilenkirchen singles.

After two months have elapsed, all obligations for further storage and also any liability for damage or loss of the thing cease to exist. After expiry of the two-month period, Systemschmiede may sell the goods free of charge geilenkirchen singles cover geilenkirchen singles claims or costs against the customer, whereby any possible additional revenue is due to the customer. Remanufactured parts must be disposed of in special waste and, in case of doubt, disposed of by the customer at his expense.

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A telephone consultation is also working time and is billed according to the currently valid price list in the current general terms. A consultancy agreement for remote consultation is in doubt already established by a call from the customer at Systemschmiede.

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Consultancy In the case of consultations by the company Systemschmiede, the scope geilenkirchen singles information according to the state of the art is determined by the company Systemschmiede. Claims against Systemschmiede due to deliberation errors exist only with intent or gross negligence. A claim for compensation shall also be waived if geilenkirchen singles consultation is free of charge.

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If a customer stays away from the consultation or is not able geilenkirchen singles reach the agreed consulting date, this does not affect the fees charged by Systemschmiede; The customer bears the risk of prevention. If the withdrawal takes place during the consultation, this shall apply mutatis mutandis, provided that the part of the service provided is settled separately according to the stipulations in the contract.

geilenkirchen singles

Applicable law For these terms and conditions as well as the entire legal relations between the company Systemschmiede and the customer, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is deemed to be mandatory. To the extent that the customer is Vollkaufmann within the meaning of the German Commercial Code HGBlegal person of public law or public special fund, Aachen shall be agreed as the court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly and geilenkirchen singles from the geilenkirchen singles relationship.

Privacy Policy Ms Müller is entitled to process data on the customer, which she received with regard to the business relationship or in connection with the latter, whether or not they originate from the customer itself or from third parties, within the meaning of the Federal Geilenkirchen singles Protection Act.

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